Review on Giant Boulder of Death!

Review on Giant Boulder of Death!


Giant Boulder of Death

Giant boulder of Death is a game that is unique in concept, but somewhat very familiar in execution. In this game the player plays as a giant boulder (obviously), smashing through a valley full of people in an attempt to destroy anything and everything in its path. The game eventually gets to a point where you can obtain power ups to become an Invinci Boulder, thereby increasing ones immunity in the game. The game play is amazingly easy, and is one of those classic sitting – in – the – waiting – room games. But make no mistake; this game is extremely immersive and addictive.


The manner in which the game play works is that you start of slow and steady whilst rolling downhill. Your speed increases with time. You must crush things in order to gain points; basically destroy anything and everything, be it people or livestock, trees or houses. The boulder is maneuvered by tilting the screen left or right; the controls can be changed in the settings menu. As the game progresses, the player is faced by resistance from the town military, who try to create obstacles such as mines, spikes, etc.


This launch by developer Pik Pok is pretty interesting, and humorous at certain points. The graphics honor Minecraft to a large extent, which not only makes the game visually appealing, it also helps in making the in game objects clearer, and the dynamics do not seem hashed. Probably the best part of the game is the Invinci Boulder, where you become this giant boulder with magma and spikes. However, the worst part is the fact that this game has upgrades which are very overpriced. A player must play at least a dozen times to purchase even the most basic upgrades. Luckily, the Giant Boulder hacks have a workaround for that (which will be discussed later).

The Giant Boulder Tips(video)

Though walkthroughs will show that it is impossible to destroy buildings, if you are not strong enough, however one should still never pass the opportunity, because this will result in points. Always try to jump before ramming in to a building; you will inflict extra damage that way. Another tip to remember is to try out the Giant Boulder hack; in fact, v2.0 was just released a while back, and it allows you to obtain unlimited gems and coins. Be sure to check out the Giant Boulder hack whenever possible.


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