PBA Bowling Challenge Review

PBA Bowling Challenge Review


PBA Bowling Challenge

PBA Bowling Challenge is bowling game developed by Concrete Software, who were the makers of Jelly Flop, which become an instant hit after release. This game is not a simple passing – your – time type of game; it features a fully fledged career mode. You must play as a newcomer, and slowly and steadily work your way towards playing against some of the biggest names in the bowling world. You also encounter a plethora of really weird, or rather unique, challenges along the way. The game is rather engaging and addictive, and the PBA Bowling hack makes it all the more better.


The game play seems pretty standard; this type of game play is pretty characteristic of all bowling games available o the market. You control the ball using either tilts or swipes, which can be configured in the options menu. The quality of your bowling skills is highly dependent on the type of bowling ball you use. The player initially starts off with a beat up old 15lb bowling ball, and as the game progresses, you can buy up to 30 various kinds of bowling balls; these balls can be purchased with in – game currency (or with the PBA Bowling hack). The alleys, even the pins, tend to vary from game to game, adding to the spice of the experience.


Probably the best part about this game is the fact that it doesn’t become redundant. With this kind of repetitive game play, redundancy can be expected; however, Concrete Software has made sure that it adds as much flare as it can to the game itself. The games mechanics change over time; challenges start becoming more difficult and challenging with progress. Probably the most irritating bit, and yes it was irritating, was the fact that at some point in the game, the player has to wait 10-20 minutes before actually setting foot in the lanes; this can be surpassed by paying money. However, a very good workaround to this may be the PBA Bowling hack.


The PBA Bowling hack helps in providing the player with unlimited money and unlimited energy. Hence, that 20 minute wait that was talked about before, will be a pain no more. Also, the fact that this hack does not require Root or Jailbreak, makes it all the more appealing. Do check it out.

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